Bringing people together over bread.

Join us for a hands-on sourdough baking
Rye levain (starter) started in in 1980.
Preparing Dough
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We believe bread is a fantastic way to bring people together—family, friends, and strangers. It happens
around the dinner table, inside of our workshops, and by baking bread to share with friends and family.
It can be a hobby.
A peace offering.
A “Nice to meet you.”
A family activity.
A gift.
A meal.
A bridge.
And yeah, we know we’re not pioneering this idea. Bread has been a uniting force for thousands of years. But
for us at this moment, bringing people together over bread looks like sharing our bread with our Nashville

neighbors and teaching others to make sourdough so they can share it too.


(now virtual, like everything else)

Join us for a fully hands-on Sourdough Baking Workshop. We'll meet online, but the sourdough is oh so real! We've designed this time to help you get to baking success quickly. Our workshop provides you with a recipe, the science, and the tactile experience you need to consistently bake good loaf after good loaf.

Before the workshop, Sourdough Nashville will deliver starter and the ingredients you need to bake. During the workshop, we'll cover all the stages of sourdough baking over several virtual sessions within a 24-hour period. We'll begin Friday evening with an intro and a few key steps, then continue into the day Saturday and you'll have fresh bread by dinner time. At the end of the workshop you'll have starter, two loaves of bread, our recipe, and so much sourdough knowledge setting you up to continue baking on your own. 

November 13-14

Email Denise@sourdoughnashville.com, use the contact form below, or contact us on Instagram to register.



We deliver fresh bread to your home in Nashville and the surrounding areas.

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All loaves are made with organic flour.

Delivery for $5 in Nashville and $5-$10 in surrounding areas

Email Denise@sourdoughnashville.com, use the contact form below, or contact us on Instagram to order.


Bread is timeless and this class brought together the nutrition, creativity, and art of bread making. The class was thorough, efficient, and fun!




We care about good food, healthy living, loving people, and making bread something everyone can learn to
bake from scratch. We use organic products. We like to incorporate or pair with local products (for instance
a local jam to top the bread or local beer baked into our beer bread). The qualities of the sourdough we make
embody the brand - it's started from a culture of yeast that seems to be simple yet works mysteriously to
come together into something complex, beautiful, and delicious.

In 2015 Ben Bahil found himself bored with corporate life and in need of a hobby. So, just for fun, he started
his own natural yeast starter name Tony (subsequently re-named Fred—funny story here, ask us about this
some time). His starter succeeded, Ben began baking with it and has been nurturing Fred ever since. Ben and
Denise started their micro-bakery, Sourdough Nashville, in 2019 out of an abundance of love for Ben’s
passion baking sourdough and a need to find others to eat all of the bread Ben was baking.




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